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I am an assistant professor in the department of mathematical sciences in Isfahan University of Technology.

 My research interests are 

  Ring theory,  Module theory         

    My academic background is as follows: 



Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Iran

Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics, 2002.

Title of Thesis: Generalized hopfian module, Further Characterizations of Artinian Rings.

Supervisor:  Prof.  Ahmad  haghany              

  Advisor:  Prof. Bijan  Taeri



Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Iran

Master of Science in Pure Mathematics, 1995.

Title of Thesis: injectively homogeneous rings

Supervisor: Prof.  Ahmad  haghany              

 Advisor: Prof. hosain Khabbazeyan



Shiraz University , Iran

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, 2002.



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